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Missionary Talks » 2006

Missionary Talks

The podcast where missionaries share their lives and work.

Episode 03: Shane Rice

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 12:03 pm on Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Shane Rice family is living and working in Cajamarca, Perú. They have just started in Cajamarca but were previously in Lima. In Lima they filled in for another missionary while he was on furlough. After their time at the Deaf church in Lima, the Rice family returned to the US for a furlough of their own. They have just been in Cajamarca a short time (as you will hear in the podcast). Since this episode was recorded, they have been able to start home Bible studies in town with the goal of starting a church very soon.

You can learn more about Shane Rice and his family by visiting their website at: www.rices2peru.com

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Missionary Talks 02: Gary Layne (part 2)

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 8:19 pm on Saturday, November 4, 2006

We finish up our conversation with Gary Layne in this episode.

He was talking about a ministry among the Huastecan Indians when we finished the last episode. This is a continuation of that and Bro. Layne finishes up with a great story of a man being saved.

For those unfamiliar with podcasts, please read the Getting Started page that I have written. It will explain what a podcast is and how you can make best use of them. There is also information on how to help the podcast grow. Don’t worry, I am not asking for money. I am simply asking you to help spread the word about Missionary Talks.


Missionary Talks 01: Gary Layne (part 1)

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 9:07 pm on Saturday, October 28, 2006

In this episode of Missionary Talks we talk with Gary Layne, missionary to the Deaf in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is a 2 part conversation. When I had the opportunity to talk with Bro. Layne, I lost all track of time and then couldn’t bring myself to edit out half of the interview.

Before the conversation with Bro. Layne, I introduce Missionary Talks and what its purposes are.

Gary and his wife Ann have been in Guadalajara 24 years as missionaries. In the first half of the interview you get to hear some of his philosophy of ministry and some of the interesting places he has been able to minister to the Deaf. We end the episode right in the middle of him telling us about the Huasteca Indians and the Deaf in their tribe whom he has been able to reach.

Bro. Layne does not have a website yet, but if you would like to contact him, you can write to me and I will pass the information along to him.


Promotional Audio

Filed under: Information,Podcast — David Peach at 12:38 am on Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is a 25 second promotional for the podcast.

It does not really explain the purpose and scope of the podcast as much as it tells what the program is all about. I will get more into the purpose and the format of the program in the first two episodes.

Thanks for listening and spread the promotion audio around. Look for the first episode to be uploaded soon.

Missionary Talks Promotional



Filed under: Information — David Peach at 11:30 pm on Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am David Peach, missionary to the Deaf in Mérida, Yucatán, México. We have been on the field since August of 2004. This podcast grows out of an insatiable desire to quiz everyone I meet about their particular occupation. Since missionaries have interesting jobs that are of great interest to me, I thought I would share the information I learn with you, the listener.

I plan to release these interviews once a week. My goal is to hold them to 15 minutes each. That will be tough as I have enjoyed talking to the missionaries that I have interviewed so far and really hate cutting out any of the audio. I have 2 episodes almost ready to go and 2 more in the works. This should give me a bit of a buffer as I look for more missionaries to interview.

I don’t know at this point what day of the week the podcasts will be uploaded. Be patient as we get started and find our way around the scheduling. On top of conducting and editing interviews, I also have a ministry of my own that requires its own attention. For those of you familiar with missions, you may know that we don’t necessarily hold regular business hours. But we also don’t know from week to week what is in store. There is little about the idea of “routine” that applies to the mission field.

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