Missionary Talks

The podcast where missionaries share their lives and work.

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The first thing that Missionary Talks needs is listeners. Primarily the show is targeted to the individual that is interested in missionaries and their ministries. But the larger goal is that these programs will be used in churches and youth groups to share the ministry of mission work.

Individual listeners can be encouraged by the work the Lord is doing around the world through missions. As the person hears about the lives of missionaries, they will better know how to pray for the missionaries that their church supports. Other missionaries will also be thrilled to hear how the Lord is working on other fields of service. They are not alone in their desire to share the Gospel.

Missionaries are people just like anyone else in the church. The difference is that they have been called by God to do a special task. These podcasts can help listeners realize that they do not need to feel incapable of surrendering to the Lord’s will, whatever that may be. Therefore by sharing these conversations with church and youth groups, there will be a better understanding of how they, as individuals, can become involved in the cause of missions.

Another way to help Missionary Talks grow as a show is to write a review either at your blog or through one of the podcast review sites. When people write reviews at iTunes, Podcast Alley or other podcast directories it makes the show more visible to others. It also lets me know what listeners are thinking as they hear the show. You can always write me with your comments, but writing a short review will tell others about the show as well.

Voting for a podcast at Podcast Alley will increase its visibility in the directory. Voting is as simple as going to my page at Podcast Alley and clicking the vote link. Instructions will be given in the voting process.

Spread the News
Even in this computer age the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. It has just change a bit to being “word of blog”, or “word of email.” Any way that you can give a little promotion to the show would be a help and much appreciated.


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