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Missionary Talks 10: Josh Allred

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Josh is the oldest son of the missionaries we had on episodes 7 and 8. Josh is a sophomore in college and talked about how his ministry opportunities as a teenager growing up on the mission field helped direct his choice of college studies and his future ministry. Josh has plans to return to the mission field and work with his parents.

Please tell others about Missionary Talks and how it can be a help to encourage a missions heart within churches.


Missionary Talks 09: John Carney

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This is the first in a group of conversations with missionary kids (MKs).

John has grown up on the mission field since he was 4 years old and has recently returned to the USA for college. He shares with us some of his earliest memories about driving from Pennsylvania to Guadalajara, México in a bus to move to the field. He also shares with other teens information that can be a help to them as they consider a missions trip.

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Missionary Talks 08: Tammy Allred

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It was a joy to speak with Tammy Allred, the wife of the missionary in the show last week.

In this episode she gives some great insight into shopping and its frustrations. Also, she surprised me with what she had to say about raising teenagers on the mission field. She would rather be there raising kids than back in the US.

You will also enjoy her comments about her neighbor in Monterrey and time spent in the villages with vacation Bible school.

Please take time to listen to Mrs. Allred’s interview. I am sure you will enjoy it.

You can learn more about the Allreds through their church’s website:  www.meridabc.com

Please leave a comment here if there is something you would like me to ask the missionaries in future shows. I am about to talk with several missionary kids while they are home from college. If you have particular questions for them, please don’t hesitate to write me or post in the comments section.


Missionary Talks 07: Larry Allred

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Cuzamá Horse CartsLarry Allred is a missionary in the same city where we live, Mérida, México. He has been here about 4 years longer than we have and has started a good strong church in the northern part of the city.

You will enjoy hearing about Bro. Larry’s ministry and philosophy.

In this episode he talks about visiting cenotes (which he explains in the podcast) on a horse and cart. The included picture is from one of our trips to the same area.

To learn more about Bro. Larry Allred and his family, visit their church’s website.

The plan is to have Bro. Larry’s wife on the show with us next week. I look forward to talking with her and sharing a wife’s perspective of the mission field. Be sure to invite a friend to listen with you.


Missionary Talks 06: Definitions

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This week I take the time to define some of the terms that you will hear in Missionary Talks. This will help familiarize you with some words that we use often in our talks with missionaries that will help you enjoy the conversations more.

You will hear me mention mission boards quite a bit in this episode. I did not point this out, but it is worth noting that there are many missionaries who do not work through a board, but use their sending church to do the work that a board normally would fulfill.

I tried to stay simplistic in the definitions, which means that there was a lot of material not covered. This episode does not go into why missionaries do what they do. Nor does it cover missions philosophy. There are many good books written on this subject. This is really just a definition of terms.


Missionary Talks 05: Steve Hathaway

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Steve Hathaway is a church planting missionary in the Boston, Mass. area. He was able to start his work in the spring of 2004. God has blessed and the church has seen great growth in the last 2 and a half years.
Steve shares with us a powerful testimony of how God changed his life as a young man.

He also shares some great insight as to the need of church planting missionaries in the U.S. Without strong churches back home to support and send out missionaries to the foreign field, there would be no overseas missions.

Brother Hathaway’s church website is: www.heritagebaptistonline.org


Missionary Talks 04: Debi Duryee

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Debi has been a missionary in Mexico for 17 years. She has worked in Monterrey most of that time. At the beginning of her career in Mexico she started a school for missionary kids. While doing that she also worked with the Deaf. There came a point where she had to decide where she would dedicate her time and the ministry to the Deaf became the more obvious need.

She does not currently have a website to visit, but if you would like to contact her you can do so by sending me an email and I can forward that on to her.

I realize that all of our interviewees to this point have had a connection to the Deaf, but we will be talking to missionaries in other types of ministries as well.

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