Missionary Talks

The podcast where missionaries share their lives and work.


Missionary Talks has a three-fold purpose. Primarily it will help young people, and those considering missions, realize that missionaries are normal people fulfilling God’s will in their lives. It will also be a help to those church members who support missionaries know better how to pray for the men and women on the field. Finally, it is to be an encouragement to other missionaries as they learn about other fields of service and how God is working around the world.

There is an emphasis on ministry and not so much about the missionaries personally. Because of this, there are certain topics that need not be discussed. Each and every missionary holds a strong position on certain issues. As supporting churches, you would want no less than that from them. But those issues are not the purpose of this program. Your host also holds strong Biblical opinions on issues that may or may not be in agreement with the missionary who is interviewed. Judge neither the host, nor other missionaries by the opinions of others who are featured on the show.

If you know a missionary who would be a good subject for the show, please send me their contact information. If they have email that would be the preferred method of contact, though a phone number or address can be forwarded to me as well. You can also have them contact me directly.

It is important to note that this podcast will focus on Baptist missionaries.


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