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Missionary Talks 31: Michael Hart

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How does a Sheriff’s Deputy wind up on the mission field? Michael Hart tells his story.

Bro. Hart is now a missionary in Veracruz, Mexico.

I had the privilege to preach in his church recently while traveling through Veracruz. Though he is near the city of Veracruz, and 3 million people, he has a work in a small ranching community outside of the city. He tells a great story of a lady he was able to lead to the Lord and disciple. In the process of discipling her, she kept introducing him to new people to whom he could witness. God used this new convert to lead several others to Him.


Missionary Talks 30: Cathy Henning

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While at camp for the Deaf near Tampico Mexico, I got the chance to talk with Cathy Henning. Cathy has been a missionary for several years. After she arrived in Mexico on her original mission as a school teacher helping Debi Duryee, she started working with the Deaf. Interestingly, though Cathy is an American, she does not know American Sign Language. She learned Mexican Sign Language after she arrived here and has never had need or opportunity to learn the American Sign Language.


Missionary Talks 29: Jim Sloan

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I have known of Bro. Jim Sloan’s ministry for quite some time. Even though we have been in meetings together over the last 15 years, I really have never had the chance to sit and talk with him much about his ministry. I enjoyed doing this interview in that he gave insight into his unique ministry in such a way that I believe the 25 minutes I chatted with him will change my future ministry.

Bro. Sloan has dedicated his life to working with the Deaf for 50 years!

You are welcome to email Bro. Sloan for further information.


Missionary Talks 28: Rick Powers

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Rick Powers is not a missionary, but he has been on several missions trips. As the leader of a youth group which has organized and taken many trips, I found it interesting to hear his insight on what it takes to go on a trip to help a missionary on the foreign field. He also shared with me some of the ways that young people are changed after a trip such as this.

When I spoke with him, he was with a group of 14 young people and leaders who were painting a church in Mérida, México.

If you would like to contact Bro. Powers with questions about organizing your own mission trip you can do so by visiting his church’s website.


Missionary Talks: Listener Feedback 02

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Listener Feedback episode 2 has a great story at the end. So be sure to listen to this episode.

I cover just a few reviews and emails that I have gotten in the last couple of months. Let me encourage you to write a review at a podcast directory of your choice. You can write a review at iTunes or leave a comment at Podcast Alley when you vote.

Missionary Talks has hit 10,000 downloads! Late last night (Sunday June 10) the 10,000th download of Missionary Talks was served out. Thank you for listening to the show and telling your friends about Missionary Talks.

I will be traveling pretty heavily for the next 2 months. The down side is that I won’t be able to post interviews regularly during this time. The great thing though is that I will be traveling with other missionaries. I expect to get many interviews recorded while I am on the move. I will try and get them uploaded weekly if possible, but be patient as I expect to be very busy during this time.


Missionary Talks 27: Don Carney

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Bro. Don Carney is a missionary in México. He and his wife have been in México for 15 years ministering in Guadalajara and now in Mérida. Don shares with us his observations on how the mission field affected their 9 children, who are all now grown and out of the house.

He tells us a great story about a man’s salvation and how he was brought to the Lord through reading a Bible he pulled out of a garbage truck!

His closing comments about trusting the Lord and making a difference wherever you serve Him is worth listening to the very end.

Bro. Carney has been a great personal friend and counselor to my family and me since we have been in México. He is also the father of John Carney whom I interviewed for Missionary Talks 09.


David Livingstone Full audio file

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The audio file of the full biography of David Livingstone is now available! This special file contains just the biographical sketch of Dr. Livingstone. There are none of the additional comments at the beginning. Just the Missionary Talks intro and outro.

This is not in the podcast feed. You will need to download it directly from the website. I hope it is a blessing to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

There are several ways to download the file. The most common way that should work on most computers is to right click this link and choose from your options “Save Link As…” or something similar from your choices. Then tell the computer where to save the file. If you have any problems, let me know.

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