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Missionary Talks 42: William Carey (part 2)

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This is the second episode of the life of William Carey. You really should listen to the first part to understand where this part picks up.

I appreciate Magnatune for allowing me to play the beautiful harp music of Cheryl Ann Fulton. Also I would like to thank Janet and Geoff Benge for their book about William Carey. Much of my research started with the contents of their book.

William began to see the need to learn Sanskrit and translate the Bible into it. The ancient Indian writings were in this language and the educated upper caste used Sanskrit. It was the key to fully understanding the Bengali language.

He could easily attract a crowd of 200 to 300 people to preach to, but he did not have a single convert.

The birth of their 7th child Jonathan in 1796 brought joy and some relief to Dolly’s depression since Jonathan was a healthy baby. This was a joyful time for the Careys.

More good news arrived late in 1796 when an Indian man sought out William to tell him that there was an Englishman looking for him. John Fountain arrived as a new recruit from the missionary society. By March 1797 with the help of Fountain taking over some of the factory responsibilities, William finished his initial Bengali translation of the Bible. William’s boss purchased a used press for him to print the Bible in India. With all the excitement surrounding the arrival of the press, the Indians became convinced that the press was William’s idol. (Read on …)


Missionary Talks 41: William Carey (part 1)

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William Cary is considered the Father of Modern Missions. He was an Englishman who went to India with the Gospel at the end of the 18th century. He did not go alone, nor did he go without prayer support from a strong group of friends back home. This first half of the biography chronicles his life up through the first year on the field.

Like the David Livingstone biography, I have provided the full text of the episode below.

I appreciate Magnatune for allowing me to play the beautiful harp music of Cheryl Ann Fulton. Also I would like to thank Janet and Geoff Benge for their book about William Carey. Much of my research started with the contents of their book.

William Carey was born in 1761 as the oldest child to Edmund and Elizabeth Carey in Northamptonshire, England. Today he is known as the Father of Modern Missions, but his humble upbringing to a poor weaver family is how this well know missionary got his start.

His father took the position of church clerk which included the responsibility of being the schoolmaster and therefore young William was able to attend school from the ages of 6 to 12. However this was the extent of what was available to him for school. The rest of his learning would come from what he could gain on his own through any books he could find and experiences he had. He was blessed to have many books available to him. By the time he was 16 he had already taught himself Latin and a friend had taught him to read and write Greek. This love of languages shaped young William Carey into the missionary he was to later become.
(Read on …)


Missionary Talks 40: Larry Franklin

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Larry Franklin and his wife travel the world training teachers on how to effectively reach children with the Gospel. They have over 40 years experience working with children and do a very good job at passing that experience and knowledge on to others. I was privileged to attend a 3 day seminar with them as our teachers.

I had not previously met Bro. Franklin, but we had a good time chatting with one another while we were together. He comes from the same church as Marco Castro whom I interviewed for episode 16.

In this episode he talks about the need for missionaries specifically to children. He also tells how that through training people are able to work with children. While he acknowledges a need for specially trained and prepared workers with children, he sees where these workers can be trained in their own churches to minister to the kids around them.


Missionary Talks 39: Brenda Edwards

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Brenda Edwards is the wife of the missionary I interviewed in episode 38, Richard Edwards. She talks with us about taking two teenage daughters to Kenya. While they did not have any problems taking older children to the field, Mrs. Edwards shares with us some of the decisions and conversations that went on within the family to help make the transition a bit smoother. She also tells us about how the shopping was different.

One thing you will enjoy in this interview is how Mrs. Edwards shares her feelings about going to the field and coming back to the United States. She also takes time at the end to speak with the ladies in the audience about what their attitudes should be towards the Lord’s leading in their lives.


Missionary Talks 38: Richard Edwards

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I was privileged to spend several days with Pastor Richard Edwards while we were both involved in special services at a church in Tampico, Mexico. Bro. Edwards and his family spent 5 years in Kenya, Africa as church planters before being called back home to the US to pastor a church in Florida.

I was eager to talk with Pastor Edwards about some of the things he learned while being a missionary that helps him now in his role as a pastor. He shares with us ideas on how we as individuals and churches can help a missionary when they are visiting in your church. He also shares some good final thoughts about being involved in ministry wherever you are.


Missionary Talks 37: Roy Seals (part 2)

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This is the second half of the interview I had with Bro. Roy Seals. In episode 36 we talked about ways to help the family adjust to arriving on the mission field. In this episode we focus on taking church groups on missions trips.

Bro. Seals is a veteran missionary who grew up on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and has lead many groups to the Yucatan as well as other countries in Latin America. With his experience, he has some great insight as to what one should expect from their time on a mission trip. He also gives great advice to people leading groups.

His closing remarks go against what many of us have been told in many missions conferences, but I absolutely agree with him. His final words can be an inspiration and an encouragement.


Missionary Talks 36: Roy Seals (part 1)

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I first met Bro. Roy Seals in 2001 when I was on a trip to the Yucatan peninsula to see if this is where the Lord might have us minister. Since then I have had the privilege of helping Bro. Seals as he has brought down many groups to visit the field.

Bro. Seals helps churches put together group trips to the field to expose their people to the ministry of missions. In this interview, before we talk about taking groups to the field, we talked about how parents can help their children make the transition to living in a foreign country. Also he shares with us some of his experiences as a 9 year old child going to the field for the first time.

Episode 37 will have the conclusion to this interview.

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