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Missionary Talks 70: Bob Longenecker

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Bob Longenecker is a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship. His main ministry is teaching weekly “release time” classes for children in public elementary schools in Pennsylvania. He also has several week-long camps during the summer months. He is able to work with the elementary children in a two county area in all but three of the public schools. It is refreshing to talk with someone who has a passion for sharing the Gospel with the most open and receptive people group in America.

I first met Bob several years ago through a mutual pastor friend. Since then Bob has asked me to speak in a couple of his summer camps. It was a blessing to be with him again this summer and to share this interview with you.

Be sure to read more about Child Evangelism Fellowship and, if you are in the Estern PA area, check out the Eastern PA CEF site as well.


Missionary Talks 69: Lonnie Blount

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You will find Bro. Lonnie Blount to be very personable in this interview. As a missionary on deputation, but returning to the field, he shares with us some of the things he is looking forward to seeing and doing when he returns to Ethiopia. He and his family came home from the field due to medical needs. They were not sure that they would get to go back, but they are excited about the fact that they are now on their way to Ethiopia once again.

One of the things he shares with us is a change in motivation behind deputation this time around. The thought that drives him through deputation is that, as Revelation says, Jesus Christ is worthy to recieve the praise from every nation. He wants to be a part of bringing people from the nations to Christ, because Christ is worthy.


Missionary Talks 68: Jim Menkhoff

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I had the privilege to talk with missionary Jim Menkhoff and let him share about his current ministry of assembling and shipping Bibles to missionaries as well as his former ministry as a missionary in Zambia. Jim talks about how just a few dollars each month put into a Bible printing and shipping ministry like Bearing Precious Seed can be used to share the Gospel. He also talks about starting churches in Zambia. He gives a testimony of a man that he was privileged to lead to the Lord and culminates in the story of how the man was baptized in a pool of water filled with leeches.

Bro. Jim closes with encouraging young people towards missions. He admits that mission work is not easy, but with the Lord’s help a person could carry out the Lord’s work. He also talks about the need to reach whole groups and countries of people who are currently not being reached by any missionary.

You can read more about Bro. Menkhoff at his website. He has a link there where you can contact him if you would like more information about his ministry.


Missionary Talks: Listener Feedback 07

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Thank you for your patience. I am glad to get this episode out and should be able to get another interview on the site within a few days. We have been doing a lot of traveling lately which has kept us busy in a good way. There are downsides to that as well.

In this episode I explain some of the reasons for the delays and what you can expect from Missionary Talks in the near future. I also spend time thanking you, the listener, for putting value to the content at Missionary Talks. I am not here to make money off the podcast, but one of the listeners has recently sent a generous gift. While I appreciate the money and it will go to fulfill a need, it helped me understand that Missionary Talks is being used to minister to people. While most of the listeners never write to tell me how Missionary Talks has been a blessing, I am thankful to God for allowing me to see in a real way that people put value to the content that I am trying to provide.

At then end of the recording I also share a story from one of the future guests at Missionary Talks.



Missionary Talks 67: Greg Yoder

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Greg Yoder is the Executive Director of Mission Network News. He talks with us about how the Lord led him to Mission Network News through several steps, but specifically by taking a short term mission trip. Greg also shares what he believes to be some of the most exciting missions opportunities today. He shares in his ending comments about all of us having the same responsibility to be an effective witness, no matter what our calling and occupation.

Please take time to check out some of the stories on the Mission Network News website. For those interested in missions around the world, MNN does a good job of sharing about the victories and needs around the world. As a podcast listener, you will be interested in subscribing to their podcast.

Greg Yoder is now the Director of Keys for Kids ministry. Another great radio program.


Missionary Talks 66: Bob Ingram

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Bob Ingram is a missionary working at a Christian Service Center just outside of Ft. Benning, GA. Bob shares with us how God led him to work with the US military. He talks about his original intentions as well as the great opportunities that the Lord has since opened up to him and his ministry. He also talks about some practical things that you, as a listener, can do to help him and other service centers in your area. Or, how you can reach out to the military in your own local ministry.

Take some time to get to know Bob Ingram and his ministry through the Christian Service Center’s website or through his blog. You can also email Bob directly if you have further questions of how you can help his ministry or the soldiers around you.


Missionary Talks 64: Nathan Wheeler

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Nathan is a third generation missionary kid (MK) who grew up in Nigeria where his mother and grandfather were also raised. Nathan shares with the listeners about the ministry in Nigeria as well as his thoughts about growing up on the field. He shares some great insight for other MKs about taking advantage of the opportunities they are given on the field as well as some thoughts on returning to their home country.

One question I posed to Nathan was what he thought was needed, as far as types of missionaries, on the field. I was surprised by his answer. Instead of specifically mentioning types of work that needed to be accomplished by missionaries, he talked about the personality and attitude that is needed in missionaries.

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