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Missionary Talks: Listener Feedback 08

Filed under: Chat,Information,Podcast,Show Notes,Talk — David Peach at 10:05 pm on Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is not a traditional feedback episode in that I am not sharing news from you for other listeners. However, I am asking for some feedback on some possible additions at Missionary Talks.

I am proposing a new show format that would be in addition to the interviews. This new format will be called Missionary Chats. The format will have me talking with a co-host. The co-host will not always be the same person. This will be a less edited conversation focusing on some particular topic.

I am looking for feedback on Missionary Chats in the following areas.

  • Would you like to be able to ask questions to previously interviewed missionaries?
  • The Missionary Talks will stay in the current format. The Chats will be in addition to, not in replacement of the Talks. Would you be interested in only one or the other? Or, would you prefer to get all the Talks and Chats in the same “feed” like you are currently getting the Missionary Talks and the Listener Feedback episodes?
  • Can you give suggestions for intro/outro music for the Chats?
  • The Chats will allow more interaction for you. Would you be interested in being able to leave a voice mail that could be played, or just be able to email questions?

Specifically I asked you to email me or go to one of the discussion threads on Facebook concerning this topic. Alternatively, you are welcome to leave a comment on this episode posting.

The Facebook Group discussion is where I originally asked the questions. I have also set up a Facebook Page that I plan to migrate more personal interaction to. If you are a Facebook user, feel free to join the Group or Page, but know that I am going to try and push people over to the Page soon.

You are always welcome to leave a comment at the Missionary Talks website at the posting for each Talk or Chat.


Missionary Talks 71: Mark Coleman

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 12:43 am on Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mark Coleman is a pastor who thinks of his ministry as missionary work. He pastors the Deaf in Schaumburg, IL near Chicago. Pastor Coleman shares with the listeners how the Lord led him through various stages of ministry starting when he was a teenager, through college and now in 20 years of ministry with the Deaf. He urges the listener to allow God to lead in each step of their life; not to step ahead of God’s leading. Bro. Mark also tells why ministry with the Deaf, even in the United States, should be considered missionary work.

Visit the website of Pastor Coleman and Bethel Baptist Church for more information.

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