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Missionary Talks 11: Elisabeth Carney

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 11:02 am on Saturday, January 6, 2007

Our interview with Elisabeth Carney is the third in our series with missionary kids. She grew up on the mission field of Argentina with her parents and three siblings as they ministered to the Jewish community.

As the oldest of the MKs I have interviewed, she gives insight that the younger interviewees may not yet see. She also has the experience of being a missionary and raising her kids on the mission field in Mexico. You will enjoy her enthusiasm and love for her family as well as her openness to sharing what it was like to move back to the US after her experiences in Argentina.




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[…] This was a very fun interview on a few different levels. First, it sounds great! The initial few seconds are a bit sketchy, but after that, it sounds wonderful. See if you can hear the kids squealing in the background on occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Carney were in my office during the interview and my wife was pulling her hair out with 4 kids downstairs. Then more friends showed up to give my wife a break, but that added 2 more kids (ok, so one is 16 years old, not much harm from her). I was able to edit out the door openings and closings from the kids. Also, the taunting by the husband while we were trying to be serious. […]


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[…] In one of my recent Missionary Talks episodes we spoke with Elisabeth Carney. She mentioned that when she was a young girl growing up in Argentina, she would go to her friend’s house and drink a tea called mate (pronounced with a ma-tey with a short a sound). Here is a mash up of my show with an episode of Phedippidations where Adam Tinkoff (of Burning 20) was talking about mate. Enjoy the clip. […]


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[…] a side note of interest, Bro. Ard is the father to the MK I interviewed for episode 11, Elisabeth Carney.  Missionary Talks 19: Peter Ard [14:35m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download […]

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