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Missionary Talks 20: Garvin Dykes

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes — David Peach at 3:10 pm on Monday, March 19, 2007

In episode 18 I spoke with John Yingling, the Missions Director for Baptist International Outreach. At that time I knew that Bro. Garvin Dykes would be coming to the area, but then it did not look like I was going to be able to interview Bro. Dykes who is the President of the same board that Bro. Yingling represents.

Therefore, this interview is not about Bro. Dykes nor the BIO mission board. Rather, this is about a recent 3 month trip that Bro. Garvin took to Botswana, Ethiopia and Zambia. He tells about different types of ministries in which he was involved during the trip. Deaf ministries, Bible institutes, children’s ministries and personal evangelism are just some of the ministries he mentions.

Bro. Dykes also takes a couple of minutes to share with us where he thinks the greatest needs are within missions today. He talks about countries where the Gospel is difficult to penetrate due to different factors. Some because of culture, others because of a lack of religious freedom.


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[…] Check out the show. Let me know what you think. As far as interesting content, this is one of the best episodes in my opinion. We did not talk about him or his ministry. We talked about a three month trip to Africa and what he was able to do there. • • • […]

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