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Missionary Talks 81: Gene Sharp

Filed under: Podcast,Show Notes,Talk — David Peach at 9:29 am on Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sharp Family PhotoBro. Gene Sharp is a media technician who serves missionaries by setting up broadcasting opportunities. While the vast majority of his work is in the field of audio, he also works with video and print media. Bro. Sharp goes on location, either to churches in the US or on the foreign field, to physically put together all the equipment that is needed to make a radio or TV station operate.

Bro. Gene shares with the listeners how that God has given him a special desire and ability in the field of technology. He went to Bible college to train as a missionary, and while he preaches quite a bit in his ministry, he has allowed God to lead him into the specific field where he should be serving. Bro. Sharp encourages listeners to be sensitive to how the Lord is leading in their life and to be aware of the special skills and talents the Lord has gifted them with.

Bro. Gene Sharp’s ministry is called Independent Baptist Media. At their website you can read Bro. Sharp’s prayer letter and see about upcoming ministry opportunities.


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